GGEC is designing in and manufacturing wireless solutions with the worlds leading designers of wireless technology.

Bluetooth wireless speakers take off

Top speaker manufacturers have recently released a slew of new Bluetooth wireless speakers. Portable speakers with Bluetooth technology aren't new, but the selection is growing so fast it's hard to keep track of all the new models, which let you stream music from Bluetooth enabled phones, tablets, and laptops.

The Internet Is The Future Of Music

Virtually all music and radio programming is now on the web. Your local radio favorites . . . every possible talk show . . . sports broadcasts from your home town . . . thousands of podcasts on-demand. Even that eclectic station from half-way around the world. Not just what you want and when you want it, but how you want it. Personalized just for you and at your command - to tag it, share it, buy it or play it over and over again. It's all there. Waiting for you. Re-defining the future of music and your listening experience!

Connectivity Makes It All Possible

Connectivity is where it's at... with the proper networking and media processing technology and software integrated into your home CE products, you literally have the world's music at your fingertips. You can also access all of your music and playlists off your home networked PC, and even look at photos and slide shows. Enjoy this experience in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or patio and not tied to your PC anymore. That's where you want to enjoy your music! Now you can have it all, where you want it, with network connectivity in your CE products.

GGEC is on the the most involved companies in China taking on the Wireless challenge. The evolution and reliability of wireless control of speakers is getting more refined, reliable and multi tasking.

Over the years GGEC has continued to stay at the cutting edge technology to incorporate the latest and most impressive wireless applications in place in product.

To date GGEC makes about 20% of all wireless speakers made worldwide. This is a result of continued work in the wireless community

GGEC is currently involved with the following companies at a committee level:

Please see each of these websites for more information about these technologies. We at GGEC will be glad to review your needs and advise the best solution based on user interface need, application and cost, as well as provide a demographic idea.