Product Development:

Our local staff can work with your preliminary design goals. We can assist with Industrial design, and create preliminary costed BOMs to evaluate product feasibility. We also assist in tooling requirements. We can assist using our product development process or work to your product development process. The engineering and purchasing teams at the factory also get involved to assist in making targets.

ODM Engineering:

GGEC can take customer ideas from sketches and turn these ideas into engineered product. This includes Industrial design, Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and acoustic engineering services. We would use the product definition created in the product development stage as a foundation to the product specification.

OEM Support:

GGEC can take customer specifications, designs and 3-D files and make product per customer objectives. GGEC would work wit the customer on quality assurance guidelines that is specific to each product. Our teams of Test engineers work closely with the customer to ensure product adherence to product expectations

Tooling design:

GGEC will take the customers 3-D design packages and create tool ready files for customer review. Design reviews can take place to ensure customer expectations are met, and schedules are adhered to.


GGEC documents everything we do. Therefore the customer is made available to files for their documentation control. We also work with the customer on a strict revision control system; therefore the customer is always aware of changes. GGEC cannot make a change unless the customer signs and approves the change.

Our local and factory staff will continuously monitor and communicate schedules via Microsoft Schedule to the customer. Schedules are taken seriously at GGEC, as time to market to the customer is very important

Pricing support:

Where GGEC can help in volume purchasing of specific items we will gladly work and advise with the customer of volume opportunities and alternatives in the design phase