One of the most important issues in regards to a product launch is to ensure the product reliability is designed in to the product to guard against excessive warranty costs over the product life span, and also most important, to maintain a brand image of utmost quality. GGEC knows this process and has the resources and tools necessary to provide the customer a trouble free product both on the assembly line, but more importantly the end user experience.

One of the most tragic experiences a product and a company can go through is with a product with on going troubles and re-calls.

Therefore as a proactive measure in the design process, our team will assist your team in creating a custom designed reliability plan at the early stages of development (Alpha Stage). This will ensure the product has designed in reliability. One can have an extensive line quality system, but our approach is to design in the quality, not inspect in the quality. Over the long term product life cycle costs and reputation can be saved using this approach.

In the very early design phases our team and your team will go into detailed review as to the application of the product, and worst case uses to build in the necessary preventative design approaches. While experience in the design is very important, validating those design approaches before extensive capital costs are invested are our proactive ways to make a reliable trouble free product.

Our engineering and Quality assurance teams will work closely with the customer to document a reliability test protocol. The team will determine the warranty terms for the product, and completely review the end user applications for the product.

Our extensive investment in reliability test equipment and facilities is a testament to this process. Our teams and equipment will allow the customer and GGEC to have at their disposal some of the most advanced resources in the industry. Because the resources are property of GGEC, this enables custom tests to be performed, and if necessary modified and repeated to achieve the most acceptable results.

Magnetic / Gauss Testing. Capabile of Hysteresis recording of speaker flux

Salt / Fog Testing - Standard 5% testing, or accellerated 20% testing

Sway Test: Capabile of moving product to test electronic connections

Power Testing: Use standard IEC tests or the customer may create a . WAV file or CD to run power test

InStrom / Dull Testing: Test equipment capabile of pulling apart parts of connections in a controlled maner.

Vibration Testing: Both sweep sine vibration, or Transit motion vibration testing

Drop Testing: Both in and out of box

Controlled listening rooms for acoustic listening evaluations

We at GGEC also have a team that can help you with your regulatory testing to obtain Underwriters Laboratories and CE compliance. Also we can also help with FCC / EN61000 certifications to speed your product to the international marketplace.

Near our factory in the Guangzhou area we can work on your behalf with UL, and EU recognized laboratories to reach this important milestone in getting your quality product to market.

In summary with your team and our team working closely together in the design phase of the project, we as a team can design in the quality and reliability before costly mistakes are found in the production cycle. This saves design time, Capital costs, and your brand recognition once the product is released to the market place.

Why not start your zero defects policy and reduced warranty exposure now before production. We at GGEC have the tools and experience to help you do this very important function.