GGEC emanated from an electrical workshop in the 1951. In our development, we evolved from a private operation to a state-owned enterprise and finally as a joint-venture company in December 1993 and having adopted our present name, Guoguang Electric Company Limited (GGEC). Our shares, a total of 160 million, were subsequently listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 23, 2005 with an equity capital of Rmb100 million ($13.8M USD). We are not a foreign owned company, we are 100% Chinese owned. For over 50 years, GGEC has grown to be a world class organization and one of the leading developers and largest manufacturers of speaker drivers and audio systems in China.

GGEC offers a complete range of speakers, drivers, audio systems and accessories. Given our extensive operating experience, we run an efficient manufacturing base and have excelled in the many areas of product development.