Here at GGEC we understand the professional market. We also understand that from an ethical standpoint we cannot display our valued customer’s products that are manufactured here at GGEC.

We wish we could because we are very proud of the products we have teamed up with, so instead we can only discuss in general terms how successful we have helped make our customers.

Therefore out of respect for these valued customers we can only describe what we do and how we service the professional marketplace.

You are invited the next time you are in China to visit our factory, and hopefully you can see everything that GGEC has and can offer

We are strong in the following vertical markets:

Public Address (PA) / M

One of our customers in this market received 6 out of 10 nominations and which resulted in 2 awards for this prestigious British organization. These BEDA award-winning installations (BEDA Award for Best UK Installation) referenced two installations using our customer’s product.

We have another customer that is currently moving about 60,000 mixed model PA speakers a year worldwide. GGEC played a important role in this success. These speakers are work horses in the industry, providing reliable PA, DJ, and band support worldwide.

We wish we could go into more detail, but if you were one of these customers – you too would want to know that your trusted partner can keep from disclosing information.

What we can say is that GGEC indeed understands Professional audio, and we can help you with your next product. This is why some of the biggest names in pro audio turn to GGEC.

Professional recording and Broadcast

We have produced 3 lines of Studio monitors for three different companies. All three of those companies received one or more of the below awards. All three of these customers enjoy huge market share for these products with an uncompromised level of quality and reliability.

Commercial install sound

We have produced Commercial sound systems featured in one of the most respected publications in the Professional Installation industry. One of the speaker lines that were featured won awards in regards to best installation. Some of the reviews have noted that these GGEC designed products have excelled in sound quality above and beyond what had been reviewed in the past!

These same products were also featured at North America’s largest gathering of Commercial products in some of their product showcase features publications.

Custom install sound

Some of our customers in the Custom residential market have had their products showcased in feature articles in CEDIA show press.

Because we do “Get it”