GGEC - Precision molders of engineering plastics for the Speaker Industry

GGEC has a full-service custom injection molding facility of high quality plastic parts, sub-assemblies; Custom controlled painting services and finished products. GGEC has grown to be one of the region’s leading molders with 48 injection molding machines at its
65,000 sq. ft. factory on the GGEC campus

48 Plastic injection molding machines (from85~455 Tons) Capacity = 90,000/day

  • GGEC’s Plastic Injection Factory offering includes the following capabilities:
  • In-house tool-making for building new molds and prompt servicing of existing tools.
  • Co-molding over-molding (plastic over plastic, or rubber over plastic).
  • Machine sizes ranging from 40 Ton to 500 Ton.
  • Engineering materials for critical, demanding applications.
  • ISO 9002 compliant with a highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Decorating by hot stamping, pad printing, and custom controlled painting.
  • Secondary operations ranging from annealing to ultrasonic welding.
  • Engineering services.
  • Gas assisted molding.

GGEC offers a wide range of molding capabilities with the highest manufacturing quality and efficiency. Our core competence is converting high performance materials into complex parts for our customers needs.

GGEC's unique strengths include:

48 machines ranging from 40 Ton to 500 Ton—to guarantee our customers the shortest lead times on all jobs large and small.

Our expertise and support equipment for handling and processing high-temperature engineering plastics enable us to deliver the critical geometries and superior cosmetics demanded of these high-performance materials.

What's more, GGEC performs over molding using plastic-on-plastic or rubber over plastic.

Further, GGEC's small high-speed, fully-automatic machines produce tight tolerances, offering both manufacturing precision and economy.

When you need special operations or extra support, GGEC has it. Our auxiliary equipment and operations include gas-assisted molding, annealing, moisture conditioning, and more.

We manage your project from pre-production engineering, through mold making, production startup, secondary operations, assembly and packaging of finished parts.

6 x Spraying lines with pad/screen print facilities. 85k /day


At GGEC, we constantly work at improving operating efficiency through employee training and participation, information systems and advanced molding technologies, and statistical process control and monitoring.

We're committed to meeting and exceeding industry standards for plastic injection molding using the most sophisticated engineering and specialty materials. Two important components of this commitment are:
? Q/A Training Programs
? Q/A Laboratory

Starting with the customer, we fully define the agreed upon requirements which we document and monitor throughout the process.

Our quality laboratory features a full range of measurement equipment including digital calipers and micrometers for direct electronic data entry, analysis and reporting. Laboratory support equipment includes two coordinate measuring machines (CMM), color measurement equipment, a 30-inch optical comparator, microscopes and precision equipment for the measurement of impact resistance, hardness, flatness and concentricity.

We assume uniform dimensional accuracy, structural integrity and cosmetic consistency in all finished parts and assemblies.

Secondary operations

Many manufacturing projects require more than injection molding. As a full-service manufacturer, GGEC offers a wide range of secondary operations that add value and performance to the molded part.

Our growth and success in secondary operations together with GGEC's financial strength allow us to add new equipment and functions to meet special customer requirements. At present, we offer the following capabilities:

? Robotic assembly
? Special testing
? Precision machining
? Drilling and tapping
? Moisture conditioning
? Ultrasonic welding
? Ultrasonic inserting
? Heat staking
? Annealing
? Pad printing
? Hot stamping
? Painting
? Deflashing
? Bonding
? Burnishing

6 x Spraying lines with pad/screen print facilities. 85k /day