It is the policy of GGEC to provide products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements. This goal is achieved by creating an environment where individuals continuously improve their skills to meet our customer’s present and future needs.

In today’s world of short product life cycles, Inventory control and management issues, and Competitive cost pressures - we at GGEC are constantly challenged to be flexible and ready to respond to the customers needs. We must ensure our customer stays in a positive competitive position.

In today’s fast changing market, a customer with short product lifecycles, rapid time-to-market requirements and low-cost strategies, they need a responsive tightly integrated supply chain. GGEC’s flexible production system allows us to manage the entire product life cycle, delivering the lowest total cost. Our collaborative design approach, integrated supply chain and Lean manufacturing principles reduce waste and speed your time-to-market.

Our integrated manufacturing approach allows for engineering your products or redesigning them for cost reduction. The value we add goes beyond cost alone. This alone can help in this ever fast changing environment to keep up with the competition.

GGEC is experienced with managing multiple launches and configurations unique to different vertical markets. We have the infrastructure to manage our local and international supply base. At the factory our teams of design, manufacturing and quality resources, focuses on meeting initial cost objectives and continuously strives to find new ways to drive costs out of products. Therefore working directly with the customer – both sides win!

Our design and engineering expertise allows your team to expand your resources by relying on ours as an add-on to your team. Our team seamlessly manages and links new product introduction, printed circuit board assembly, systems build, direct fulfillment, logistics and quality to help customers deal with sudden spikes in demand and meet end-customers' needs.

PCB Assembly

We take value with our track record of extremely low defect rate on our Printed Board Assembly. We use the state of the art equipment in the manufacturing and testing at our facilities to ensure your PCB units meet a stringent set of guide lines. In addition our made to order manufacturing is tailored for changes in product description and demands of the final product.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Through Hole Assembly
  • Surface Mount Assembly
  • Flex Circuit Assembly
  • Electro-Mechanical Panel Assembly
  • Burn-in
  • Thermal Stress Analysis
  • Repair & Test
  • Failure Analysis
  • RF Shielded line facilities

Our services include:

  • PCB Design and Layout
  • Mechanical and electrical design
  • Conceptual design
  • Schematics capture
  • Component engineering
  • Design consultation
  • Quick-turn prototyping
  • Cost effective solutions for customer fabricated parts
  • Cost reduction analysis
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturability)
  • DFT (Design for Testability


The most important step in the GGEC approach to manufacturing is our Quality Planning phase.

It is during this stage that resources, tooling, and vendors are identified. Each project is evaluated thoroughly to offer suggestions to enhance its form, function, reliability, and to reduce its cost.

Upon approval from the client, an internal Bill of Materials is developed, with all the approved components and vendors as specified by their AVL (Approved Vendor List).

Detailed work instructions with visual aids are then produced to ensure that the product will be manufactured to the highest quality standards.

These work instructions also outline all inspection criteria, test parameters, ESD considerations and packaging requirements.

GGEC's approach to planning provides our clients with an unrivaled partner for their contact manufacturing needs.

Capability Summary

Clean room / ESD controlled environment

Humidity Controlled facilities with Solder Paste Controls

Automated Silkscreen – surface Mount CT Testing

Functional Testing

Zone Controlled Convention Solder Reflow ovens

Through Hole Assembly


  • High-speed line capabilities include placement of all SMT devices, including micro BGA, CSP, flip chip, COB and 0201 components. 8-12-zone convection ovens and automated inspection systems enhance these lines.

  • Multiple highly flexible, multipurpose lines with a placement rate of up to 21,000-cph.

  • Automated Panel inspection

  • In the event the customer does not write a test protocol - Not a problem, send your requirements, and we will create a process for your approval to be used for the testing of that particular assembly!