It started over 50 years ago and here we are today!

With over 60 years in development, GGEC owns and operates one of the most modern speaker/Driver plants in China.

GGEC’s new factories currently have 20 semiautomatic speaker assembly lines that are able to produce speakers from 0.5 inches to 21 inches in diameter. We have the capability to produce more than 1,000 different types of drivers. GGEC’s Drivers are produced and can be extensively applied to telephones, TV sets, home theatre, Hi-Fi sound systems, computers, automobiles, broadcasting, Professional Studio monitors, and an array of professional applications. The 2005 expansion of our production capacity has made GGEC capable to increase its capacity as necessary to meet our customer demand.

GGEC has an extensive amount of facilities. We have facilities for key components, capable of manufacturing voice coils, and our own cones, which greatly enhance the productivity and adaptability to the speaker production and also guarantee the stability of final products. This quality allows for the flexibility of creating a design that perfectly matches the customers design expectations.

The GGEC factories are certified according to ISO 9001. Completely integrated within the driver factories and vertically integrated with the system build factories. Our current capacity is capable of 200,000 drivers per day.
GGEC also owns complete facilities to manufacture cones, special machines to wind coils and equipment capable to perform the most modern tests. In addition, it also develops innovating techniques in manufacturing, conception and product launching allowing the development of more competitive products in order to assure perfect meeting of consumer's needs and requirements.

GGEC’s highly skilled personnel with years of experience in the assembly of loudspeakers are dedicated to the most critical assemblies in the production process.

Some of the procduts we produce:

Products for Multimedia / Computer markets

Hi Fi and Professional Markets

Automotive Loudspeaker Market

Cone Manufacturing

Our Cone Factory workshop has an area of 8800 Square meters of manufacturing space. We have over 40 advanced automated Pulp cone molding machines imported from Taiwan and Japan.

All water used in this process is 100% filtered and recycled water.

We have presses for polypropylene molded cones. We have in the factory the capabilities to manufacture aluminum cones, complete with oxidizing treatments, and hardening. Some of our specialized cone molding equipment is digitally controlled for fast and precise processing of high volume cones.

GGEC has the facilities necessary to seal cones with 2 dedicated sealing lines.

With our highly dedicated and skilled workforce in this factory of 300, this factory is capable of 220,000 mixed model cones per day.

Voice Coil Manufacturing

Copper and Aluminum wound wire

At GGEC our Voice Coil factory workshop we have an area of 3000 square meters. Our dedicated and experienced staff of 300 operate 18 distinctive production lines.

Our 4 Japanese precise made winders ensure utmost repeatability and quality for our high end, and pro coils, while our other 20 Taiwanese made high volume winders allow for GGEC to manufacture 140,000 voice coils combined daily.

To ensure zero defects we have 20 impedance testers, whereas each coil is tested before completion. GGEC also ensures voice coil quality with our wire strength tester. This ensures variables in wire are identified prior to usage on our production lines.

Speaker Basket Manufacturing:

In GGEC’s quest to become completely vertically integrated, our full service Speaker Basket manufacturing facility will come on line in the summer of 2008. This integrated capability will comprise of stamping and secondary operations to allow for increased flexibility and customer options to complete our capabilities. Once this factory is fully operational the customer will be able to experience one of the most “driver to system” factories in the world. This will keep lead times to a minimum, and also allow for better design and cost controls.