Starting with the conceptual design, GGEC manages the entire product development process until the final product is able to comply with strict customer requirements and international standards (e.g. IEC, JIS). With full and complete manufacturing capabilities, GGEC's development cycle from design to production in respect of ODM is 60 days and OEM is 30 days. As such, we can easily accommodate specific requests. Design work may start in the form of the customer and GGEC working together on the product definition together to establish performance versus cost targets. Rich in our experience, our team of engineers closely follows industry and technology trends around the world, paying special attention to new technical developments. To ensure we are keeping abreast of the market, as a form of continuous training, GGEC regularly invites acoustic engineers and field specialists from the USA, Germany and Denmark for exchanges on the latest developments in acoustic and engineering technology. Our first-class design engineers are well versed with the utilization of cartography software such as ProE and AutoCAD, and simulation analysis software such as Spead, Finecone and Fine Otoe.