Z Tool?

Although there have been some advancements in the ease of installation of custom ceiling speakers in the last few years, most are still difficult to install, and all of them require hand tools to be balanced on the ladder by the installer. Even though some products have claimed “No Tools Required” they still require a balancing act between the installer, tools and the ladder.

At GGEC with its design Partner – Doug Wright we have a simplified patent pending installation system that is truly a “No Tools Required” installation. Our Z Tool? system allows the frame to be installed into the ceiling tile without the use of any hand tools! This unique proprietary mounting mechanism allows the installer to secure the speaker frame firmly against the drywall or ceiling tile without the use of hand or power tools for installation (other than a saw to cut the receiving hole in the drywall “sheetrock” or ceiling tile.) This system is composed of four primary elements:

1. a Dog ear
2. a Ratcheted post
3. a Dog ear latch
4. a Dog ear retainer

These elements operate in the following way: The four rotating finger actuated ratcheting dogs are rotated 90° around its center hole and then slid up along the ratcheted post. This “post” features a ratcheted section that only allows the Dog Ear to move in one direction. The installation person compresses the Dog Ear between their thumb and index finger until the Dog Ear’s clamp is tight against the back of the Drywall surface or ceiling tile

So when we claim the Z Tool? is a zero tool installation, we truly mean it. This is a great example of the innovative engineering going on at GGEC and also a testament to the partnerships GGEC has made in ensuring that we constantly stay ahead of the needs of the technical community

SnapLok Baffle?

At GGEC our Designers have developed the patent pending SnapLok Baffle? that drops in to place requiring no pre-alignment though a hook mechanism that snaps the baffle into place. This two part frame, baffle system incorporates an alignment free, snap into retention system that allows free 360° rotation after insertion. It is lockable to eliminate buzz and rattle and does not require installation tooling (hand or powered) to fully affix. Again keeping the installer free to concentrate on the ladder they are standing on! This method is safer, quicker and easier than any other ceiling speaker installation system available on the market today

That's Right; No Buzz! No Rattle! No Tools!

Direct Axis Extending Tweeter?

Only a few ceiling speakers on the market allow you to angle the woofer and/ or the tweeter for more focused soundstage toward the listener position. However these woofers only angle up to 15° and the tweeters only up to 20°, and most of the tilting tweeters create additional diffractions that muddy up the sound. Even with all this rotational capability the listener still cannot acoustically “see” the tweeter.

So we like to get the image to the listener in the listening position

At GGEC we know that the above angle numbers only go halfway in really focusing the soundstage from the ceiling position to the listener in the listening position. Our woofer can be angled up to 20° depending on your installation requirements.

However the most important part of clarity in sound reproduction comes from the tweeter, and being able to significantly affect its positioning makes the difference between dull, lifeless sound to natural, more engaging sonic reproduction.

GGEC and its design partners designed ceiling speaker features that take on a unique design approach that solves this problem. Our direct Axis Extending Tweeter? allows a 50° rotation (that is 3.5 times more than traditional tweeter rotation!) and it can be extended slightly below the ceiling so it can literally get out of the ceiling and REALLY point towards the listening position. Even when the listener is listening from the opposite end of the room relative to the speakers’ mounting position. (However when aesthetics rule over acoustics, the tweeter can be retracted to a traditional flush setting) When combined with the 20° angling woofer, you have the option of up to 70° degrees of acoustic focusing control.

This is a testament of the innovative thinking going on at GGEC. Therefore you can feel assured that you technical needs will be addressed with the talent of our design staff.