GuoGuang Electric Co. Ltd (GGEC)

  • Founded in 1951
  • Listed on Shenzhen stock exchange : May 23, 2005
  • Land area: 200 Acres
  • Work area: 152,140 sq m
  • Direct Labor: 4000
  • Indirect Labor: 500
  • Address – Headquarters

No. 8 Jinghu Road, Xinhua Town
Huadu Region, Guangzhou, 510800

P. R. China

– Tel: 011 86 20 2860 9802
– Fax: 011 86 20 2860 9828

GGEC emanated from an electrical workshop in the 1951. In our development, we evolved from a private operation to a state-owned enterprise and finally as a joint-venture company in December 1993 and having adopted our present name, Guoguang Electric Company Limited (GGEC). Our shares, a total of 160 million, were subsequently listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on May 23, 2005 with an equity capital of Rmb100 million ($13.8M USD). We are not a foreign owned company, we are 100% Chinese owned. For over 50 years, GGEC has grown to be a world class organization and one of the leading developers and largest manufacturers of speaker drivers and audio systems in China.

GGEC offers a complete range of speakers, drivers, audio systems and accessories. Given our extensive operating experience, we run an efficient manufacturing base and have excelled in the many areas of product development.

Our R&D strengths range from:

  • Tooling design and plastic injection molding
  • Design & Fabrication of driver parts and Assembly of driver assemblies
  • Cabinet design & Complete in house CNC wood cabinet manufacturing
  • Acoustic engineering & Complete systems comprised of either wood or plastic
  • We have an integrated electronics manufacturing facility with state of the art surface mount capabilities.
  • Analog and Digital engineering resources
  • Test engineering resources

GGEC strictly adheres to those quality standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization and has been certified to be ISO-9001, QS-9000, ISO 14001 and TS-16949 compliant. All products now complies with RoHS Guidelines

Customer’s Requirements Determine our Standards

Our motto set the precedent as we continue to strengthen our market position by offering a wide range of products of the highest quality at competitive prices. Our economy of scale allows us to pass on production cost savings to our customers. In fact, the quality standard has been improved dramatically and achieved world class standard. By closely monitoring changes in market conditions and following trends, our talented team of engineers is quick to innovate by incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology and design into our products and services. Several years ago, we went full steam ahead with our plans to develop and manufacture multimedia products by significantly increasing investment into new capital equipment. Likewise, in 2004, we further increased our production capabilities and technological know-how to proliferate the product development of professional sound systems and its related accessories. GGEC currently offers a complete series of OEM/ODM acoustic products.

In the new century, through our persistent efforts, we strive to improve our ways to attain our objectives. We intend to fortify the existing relationships with our customers paving the way for long and rewarding partnerships. Through our unsurpassed professional services, our goal is to produce even better products for our customers.

“Let’s make Life better” use logo here has been our long term slogan. How we work sets us apart. We encourage hands-on innovation by promoting freedom in the decision making process and allowing our younger colleagues to grow in knowledge, skill, and scope of responsibility. We hope to create a friendly environment where teams are organized around projects and opportunities hoping leaders will emerge. We recognize the need for versatility. Therefore, we set different values, beliefs and goals at different stages. In 2006, the theme created to be shared among our employees is “foster the ability to fulfill commitments undertaken.”

After more than 50 years of development, GGEC’s new factory now has 32 semi-automatic speaker production and assembly lines. They are capable of producing speakers with sizes ranging from a half inch to 21 inches and in over 1,000 varying specifications. Applications include telephones, televisions, home theaters, HIFI speakers, multimedia, automobiles, broadcasting, and studio monitors, among others. Also, we can adjust our production capacity to accommodate the requirements of our clientele. Moreover, by also producing the essential components of a speaker such as the voice coils and cones, GECC is able to greatly enhance its’ production efficiency and compatibility, assuring the quality of the final product.

The Electronic Workshop altogether has four production lines. It mainly manufactures PCB boards for multimedia products and professional amplifiers. On the operations floor, there are silk screen printers, SMT(s), solder-reflow welders, in clean room environments. State of the art Automatic Insertion Equipment, wave ridge welders, computerized test facilities, as well as automatic and semi-automatic high precision instruments and original manufacturing equipment.

In the Tooling Mold Department, the team consists of over 50 professionals, including 2 CAE design engineers, 5 CAD/CAM engineers, and 15 production technicians. Using professional advanced mold design development software and imported production equipment, the Tooling Department specialized in the production of plastic molds for multimedia sound boxes, home audio, professional, custom install and computer peripherals. There are 28 injection molding presses on site for 40 ton to 450 ton with larger capacity presses on order. We can accommodate latest versions of Pro E and solidworks formats for easy download into MasterCam

GGEC still needs to unceasingly invest on expanding our capabilities. To become a quality OEM/ODM manufacturer of good repute, we should not have to rely on equipment or the existing reasonable labor cost situation. The Company needs to continuingly evolve through training to improve and upgrade the quality of our staff. It is well understood that only through improvement and progress can we really contribute to society and to our families.

GGEC believes teamwork, positive attitude, innovation, our unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and through each of our employee’s dedication and hard work will translate into high quality products that hopefully results in customer satisfaction and a better quality of life!