Welcome to Guoguang Electric Company Limited (GGEC). We are proud of the development and accomplishment for over 50 years of establishment. Today, GGEC has grown into one of the world-class largest loudspeaker manufacturer in the industry. During the past decade, the sales turnover rate was exceeded 30% per annum, and anticipated such growth is related to our motto:

Customer Requirements Determine Our Standard

With this motto as our objective, we continue to strengthen the company that provides cost-competitive products with excellent quality. In fact, the quality has been improved dramatically and achieved world-class standard. Also, our engineering department is operated with talented staff that most high educated staff has been trained in the state- of-the-art technology and design techniques by using updated software and high precision equipment. Numerous production lines produce increasingly sophisticated products ever more efficiency and effectiveness. More recently, we have installed new facilities to accommodate new product development, and manufacturing of multimedia and home theatre speakers. We have also established more workshops with relative technologies for new professional audio systems and matching amplifiers. Nowadays, we are able to provide complete products and services to the target segments of OEM/ODM audiovisual market.

As our group enters to a new era, we need to work smarter than before, and strive to
satisfy our customers in better ways. We should continue to develop good customer
relationships and enhance long-term partnerships with our customers. Our mission is to
provide excellent services and produce value-added products to all our valuable
customers in the marketplace.