Audio Processing Algorithm and Software Engineers 


GGEC America seeks highly accomplished and self-motivated engineers in its R&D center in Irvine, California. You will be responsible for research, development, and implementation of advanced audio/speech processing algorithms/software and will collaborate with a world-class team. 

GGEC America is a subsidiary of GGEC (, which is a global leader in the development, design, and manufacturing of audio products and counts all major international audio brands as its customers. Its products include voice-enabled speakers, WiFi speakers, Bluetooth speakers, studio monitors, PA loudspeakers, and loudspeaker drivers of all sizes (from those for PA loudspeakers to micro speakers used in mobile phones). Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, GGEC is listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and has subsidiaries in the US, EU, Japan and Hong Kong.



Audio/Speech Processing Algorithm Engineers

Key Responsibilities

Propose and prototype audio/speech processing algorithms.

Develop and document production-quality reference codes.

Port reference codes to DSPs/FPGAs.

Write patents and technical papers.


A Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering (signal processing).

3+ years of experience in one of the following areas: far-field echo cancellation, noise suppression, speech recognition, active noise cancellation, room equalization, virtual surround, or audio coding.

Proven track record of published research in signal processing is desired.



Android/Linux Software Engineers

Key Responsibilities

System bring-up, optimization, and audio software and hardware integration.

Device driver development.

Porting real-time audio processing software to Android/Linux.


A M.S. or B.S. degree in electrical engineering or computer science.

3+ years of experience in embedded audio software development.

Extensive experience with Android/Linux device drivers, low-level system code, and board bring-up.

Software development or integration experience with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Experience with Qualcomm BSP or firmware is desired.

Experience with fixed-point DSP is desired.