New Technologies

Audio for Video is changing radically over the years. Speakers are getting smaller to go within the flat TV parameters. GGEC is happy to introduce SkySound, an algorithm that we employ in areas where acoustic volume has been compromised by design. We can take tight acoustic form factors and widen then sound to a point that the intelligibility is clean, clear, and crisp

Sound Tables:

This platform is gaining popularity based on being a speaker – used as a low profile stand under the TV.

The acoustic approach is more traditional as acoustic volumes are more plentiful in the design. Talk to us about how we can do some innovative port design to create a sound that would win you brand some awards!


Starting in 2014, bring us your designs, and we will assist you in creating an outstanding acoustical performing soundbar. The market is full of normal soundbar alternatives. We can up the up the bar in acoustical performance for a fraction of the cost of the acoustical result. Added value for not a lot of cost!

We can help you design a product that sounds like a $999 Soundbar for a a fraction of the cost. Come talk to us about what you need, and also we can do a deminstration of what a thin sound bar can sound like after we use patented port terchnonloies and algorythums to create a sound that BOM wise is not too expensive, but allows Value Add, to create a new price point.

What does this mean? Cool product, Cool margins, great sales velocity